Informační systém regionu Blanský les-Netolicko.

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MAS Blanský les - Netolicko, o.p.s.
Mírové náměstí 208,
384 11 Netolice
e-mail: mas@netolice.cz
tel: 388 325 356
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Local Action Group - Blanský les - Netolicko o.p.s. (Blanský Forest - Netolicko Public Service Company)

The Local Action Group (LAG) Region is situated in South Bohemia, in the picturesque landscape of the Šumava (Bohemian Forest) foothills. It partly overlaps with the Blanský Forest Protected Landscape Area, dominated by Kleť Mountain (1084 m above sea level) with a chair lift, a watch tower and an astronomical observatory. The LAG Region offers a wide variety of natural beauties and places of historical interest. Situated quite conveniently between the attractive tourist destinations of České Budějovice, Český Krumlov, and Hluboká nad Vltavou, and boasting both cultural heritage and natural resources, the region is destined to develop tourism; to enhance the quality of life in rural communities; to put emphasis on leisure-time activities; and to preserve and improve living environment. The LAG activities cover three microregions with the total area of 411 sq. m., including 33 communities with the population of over 19,700.

Places of interest and beauty spots in the LAG area:

Kleť Mountain

Holašovice (a village listed by UNESCO since 1998 for its "rustic Baroque" architecture)

Kratochvíle Mansion (housing an exposition of Czech animated film among others)

Remnants of Dívčí Kámen Castle over the Vltava River

Airfield in Planá

Remnants of horse-drawn railway operated once between České Budějovice and Linz

A dense network of footpaths and cycling routes

Marked hipotracks for horse riding

Winter skiing facilities

The Local Action Group - Blanský les - Netolicko o.p.s. was established in 2004. The Group has 21 members out of which three are representatives of public entities (the microregions of the Netolice Area, the Blanský Forest - foothills & the Kleť foothills) and eighteen represent the private sector (non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs in agriculture and tourism).

The LAG's main activities are focused on encouraging development of the region, namely:
management of cultural and economic development - development of the environment protection
- quality of life of the population
- interregional and international cooperation
- supporting the development of regional entrepreneurs and their activities
- counselling in the field of Project funding
- joining in the programs aimed to provide fund needed to capitalize the regional projects (e.g. the Leader Method)

The above mentioned scope of activities provides a sound basis for the : LAG's vision of

  • a region attractive to its inhabitants;
  • a region attractive to its visitors;
  • a region attractive to entrepreneurs;
  • a region attractive due to its natural beauties;
  • a region attractive due to its infrastructure & conveniences.

In view of the vision specified above the LAG's pilot strategy theme for 2007-2013 emphasizes "the quality of life in rural areas while drawing on the cultural, natural and human resources the region offers"

Activities accomplished by the LAG:

  1. Projects completed within the Leader ČR 2005
  2. Projects completed within the Leader ČR 2006
  3. Leader+ - preparing the regional pilot strategy for 2007-2013
  4. The Regional Destination Management Project - aiming at improving services in the tourist industry